If you are bored and looking for something to watch then you might want to watch movie series. These movies can be extended in to two or more movies, which can be technically called movie series. If you want to watch movie series then you might want to visit Solarmovie. For the next section, some of the popular movies are going to be briefly discuss solarmovie.

Popular Movie Series

  • Hangover movie series: It focuses on group of friends where they try to figure things that happened the night they are wasted because of drinking. Usually, it start with the scene where they it is in a complete chaos: hangover plus they are missing one important person. This series might actually change the way you think about drinking, could be positive because of the wild adventures but could be negative because of the chaos or trouble you might get into.
  • American Pie movie series: Each story might be different from the every movie but something is the same: drinking, party and mostly topic and scenes about sex.
  • Transformers movie series: if you are into sci-fi movies and mecha ones then this might be the one for you. It features automobiles transforming into fighting robots called autobots. It is an action movie for it shows some of the fights between opposite parties including mankind.
  • Marvel movie series: this includes all of the marvel superhero movies interconnecting with each other depending on the time of release or the actual time of event in the movies. This series includes superheroes such as iron man, hulk, spiderman, thor, antman, captain America, etc.
  • Xmen movie series: it features the story of mutants that reside with mankind. These mutants are portrayed as a hero and can also be a villain. It shows a lot of actions and fighting from different characters. Some of the main characters include professor Xavier, Cyclopes, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Jean Grey, etc.