Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? If yes, maybe you might want to schedule a movie marathon. For those who are not familiar with such fun activity, movie marathon is creating a playlist of movie typically in the same genre. This activity may range for a couple of hours or a full day activity. For this activity you can have the decision to choose your buddies, or you might want to play it solo, or maybeuse this as a movie date. So if you’re interested to plan such activity, you might want to explore streaming sites such as Yesmovies where you can search from a lot of options.

Considerations for a Movie Marathon

For this section, we are going to explore some of the considerations you might want to look into. Movie Buddies: the types or genre of movies usually are dependent on the group of people that you are going to go with in this activity.  Typically, if your group is a mixed of girls and boys you might to look into genres such as comedy and horror.Actually, movies are dependent on the mood and type of your group so just plan the movie marathon with them.

Time of activity: generally, if you want to start your movie marathon in morning or afternoon you might want to look into genres that are into action, adventures, etc. If you want to start your movie marathon in the evening, you might want to look into suspense and horror genres for it gives you the proper setting to pull off this activity.

Genre: listed below are some of the common movie genres out there and some of the best examples for it.

Horror: The Lazarus Effect

Comedy: Hangover movie series

Romance: The Notebook

Animated: Up

Suspense: Chucky

Action: John Wick