Most online websites that offer free streaming to its viewers are very generous enough that they would even categorize the films they have to make it easier for people to choose movies to watch. Many people like this idea because it is easier for them to browse through the movies. Different websites categorize movies in different ways. Here are some of the common categories available when you watch movies free.

By Genre

They would usually categorize movies according to the main theme and genre of the movie. Some of the common genres include romance, horror, action, comedy, and thrill. There are other genres like drama, sports, and documentary as well. Some online sites may have more genre categories than the ones mentioned above.


Movies are also sometimes categorized by movie titles alphabetically so people can easily find the movie they like. Or if they can only remember the movie’s first word, this categorization will be very helpful for them.

By country

Online websites offer so many movies from different parts of the world so they sometimes also categorize by country. If you love watching Hollywood films, you can easily find them. Or if you are into Bollywood films, there is also a spot for you. Love Mexican films? Don’t worry as there is a lot for you!

Latest uploads

They also usually have a place where their latest uploads are placed for people who like to watch the latest movies available. Or if you want to watch a movie in the cinema and is waiting for it to be uploaded online, this category is the best place to check whether it is already available or not yet.

Categorizing the movies is very helpful for many movie-lovers. This makes their movie-watching more convenient and hassle-free. That is why more people prefer websites that categorizes movies over websites that do not.